Highlights Mexico

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Beaches, mountains, desert, jungle; Mexico is as naturally diverse as its possible to be. Remnants and relics of not just one but two enchanting ancient civilisations; Mexico is home to a wealth of ancient ruins from both the Mayan and Aztec people. Old Spanish towns and villages, offering an insight and view of the Colonial era; Mexico’s got ‘em. A thriving, cosmopolitan and upscale city offering museums, art and high-end food; Yeah, that’ll be Mexico City.

No matter the type of traveller you are; backpacker, thrill-seeker, discerning historian, food-fanatic or beach-bum, Mexico’s got so much for you. From its world famous food to its white sandy beaches, its ancient throwbacks and natural wonders to its feel good music, Mexico is a full on heartbreaker (in the best possible way). A place of mystery, laughter, merriment, history and modernism combined, Mexico will get under the skin and win your soul, it has to be seen and felt to be believed.