Highlights Eastern and Central Europe

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Eastern and Central Europe

While the west of Europe has long been a popular tourist spot, the past fifteen years has seen a huge upturn in the fortunes of the east. The fall of the Berlin wall, the amiability of the EU as well as efficient travel systems have led to the discovery of the stunning beauty of cities like Prague, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Berlin, Munich and Minsk to name only a handful. Many of these places wear their history and culture on their sleeve, boasting incredible feats of baroque architecture and design. With its dramatic seasonal changes, Eastern Europe can be seen in a new light every couple of months; think snow-covered steeples in winter, pink blossoming parks in spring, good vibes in the late-evening summer sun, warm golden light and dramatic, bruised skies in Autumn – Europe is ever changing and ever fascinating.