Highlights Ireland

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Rolling fields swathed in green; ethereal, dew sparkling forests; dramatic, winding coastlines; rocky cliffs and mountains – Ireland is a fairytale land in every way. Situated on the far west of Europe and long battered by Atlantic winds, this country has been shaped into one of the most visually stunning yet intimate places on earth. Small in size but huge in personality, Ireland can be crossed from North to South in less than a day. It’s indeed this factor that makes her beauty so intimate, nothing seems far away and distant in Ireland – the mountains are on your doorstep, the beautiful coastline right outside your car window. The people are famously up for a good time, its towns and cities abundant with pubs from which music and merriment emanate week round. Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast are perpetually on the rise in terms of culture and the arts while nature more than lives up to its reputation. Discover Ireland with P2G!