Highlights Brazil

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From the serpentine rivers and lush jungles of the Amazon Basin in the north to the rolling vineyard valleys and awesome Iguacu Falls in the south, Brazil has it all. The most popular city, Rio De Janeiro conjures up images of the colossal ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue, of bustling streets and beaches full-flow in festival mood. ‘Carnival’, the colorful, flamboyant and raucous pre-Lent street festival is on millions of bucket-lists the world over and rightly so – to witness ‘Carnival’ is to see humanity in its most positive light, at its rawest and most life-loving level. If the party scene isn’t your thing fear not, travelling to Brazil brings with it so much more. Brazil is a world of powdery beaches, cascading waterfalls, epic adventures and quaint colonial towns. Brazil is the world at its most splendid.