Highlights Chile

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Put simply, this is the epitome of nature at its most colossal. Epic snow capped mountain ranges, including the world famous Andes mountains, border lush grasslands and cascading rivers. Wildlife runs free and unadulterated. Chile is home to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, revered by many as the world’s finest national park. Here, the 2000 metre ‘Towers of Paine’ dominate the landscape with their dramatic majesty. CityA flight away from coast of this narrow, vertical country is the world famous Easter Island, one of the world’s most isolated places. Known for being home to the Moai, the mysterious and mind-bending head statues. Easter Island isn’t only about history however, its diving, snorkelling and surfing are fantastic. If you’re more of a city-break type Chile is still the country for you; the capital, Santiago, is becoming known as one of the the most fantastic cities there are! A thriving metropolis, the city’s skyline is one of the world’s best with the ever present backdrop of epic mountains.