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So what is it you have in mind? A simple point-to-point flight for either business or pleasure? Return flights to one of your favourite places? Maybe it’s something a little more complex, such as a quick break in the city of your choice to see some sights en-route to your final destination, a few days rest each way to break up the long journeys, or a fully personalized round-world itinerary full of exciting stopovers for your next adventure?

The crew at P2G Travel are fully educated when it comes to both domestic and international flight itinerary creation. Whether it be manual fare building, airline groups and frequent flyer requirements, or specific routing options, our staff will happily weigh up the pro’s and con’s for you depending on what is most important to you. We understand that for some, budget is paramount and a significant factor when travelling, whereas for others it may be anything from time spent in the air, ticket flexibility, travelling with an airline group or airline to align with frequent flyer structures, to routing that allows stopovers in particular cities or even airlines that offer certain services such as onboard wi-fi, a particular class of travel, even a specific aircraft type.

Please tell us what it is you require, or if you’re not sure, please allow us to provide some options for your perusal based on your travel plans, however detailed they may be. P2G Travel will then work together with you to find the best option to suit your individual needs.

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