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Independent travel

Tailor-making travel packages and assisting with independent travel arrangements is what P2G Travel both specializes in and has a real passion for.

Through our staff’s own travel experiences, exploring all corners of the globe, we understand that the scheduled group tour set package you see in the agency window can’t always suit you. We understand that you will be familiar with some things and not with others, and that being able to choose your own holiday components is an important part of a successful travel experience!

Whether it’s a business meeting or shopping trip,a spot of beach-bound R&R or a backpacking adventure, a visit to family and friends abroad or a complex itinerary visiting multiple destinations, we’re on-hand to assist with everything from flights and accommodation, pre-paid sightseeing and ground transportation to travel insurance, visa assistance and every single other component involved in creating a complete and memorable experience for our clients.

Please use our itinerary builder to assist us in outlining what you’re looking for on this next adventure – We’ll listen to your ideas (and no doubt ask some questions), then offer our expertise and personal knowledge to help build an itinerary that suits exactly what you have in mind!


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